About Us

Our mission is to educate and protect the homeowner. 

Let our experienced team of licensed claim adjusters handle all of the details of your claim from the moment we first arrive in your home or business to the time you receive final payment from your insurance company.

Our professionalism and expertise are your assurance that we will handle all of the necessary details to maximize your claim settlement and get you the most money to which you are entitles within your policy's limits.

We sell nothing and there is no out of pocket expense to you. We work on a contingency bases. If we don't get you the money from the insurance company, you are not obligated to pay us anything.

Our services allow you to use your valuable time to handle the details of your life instead of getting wrapped up in endless phone calls, emails and contstant delays with your insurance company.

We will educate you on how your homeowners policy really works through our unbiased and expert analysis. We make recommendations to you to discuss with your agent to make sure your property is fully covered.

About Us

We are Home Property Damage, we are Licensed Claim Specialists. We are similar to insurance adjusters except we work FOR YOU and not the insurance company. Our purpose is to help protect homeowners and business owners and to be their advocate throughout the claims process. We sell nothing and there are no out of pocket expenses to you for our service.

Our Mission

The insurance adjuster represents the insurance company's best interest; shouldn't you have someone who represents YOUR best interest during the claims process? Believe it or not one of the goals of the insurance adjuster is to minimize your claim and pay you the least amount of money possible. As your licensed claim specialist we are your advocate, our goal is to make sure your property is restored back to the way it was before your damage occurred and to get you the full amount of money to which you are entitled to.

We educate you for FREE on how the policy works

  • We show you the gaps in your policy that allows the insurance company to pay you the least amount for your coverage

  • We advise if you are paying too much for your premium and if you are under insured (most are either one or both of these)

  • We explain how the numbers really work and if you have the correct endorsements

  • We don't sell anything so you get our unbiased, expert opinion


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