Career Opportunities

If someone asked you…

“What are you looking for in a career?”

…what would your answer be?

Perhaps, “Make more money…work less hours?” Surely for most these are favorable aspects of work. Why wouldn’t they be? Who do you know who wouldn’t want to work less hours and make more money? How about the possibility of working less hours and making more money, but also include make your own schedule, buy nothing, keep no inventory, have no overhead, leave most of your work at work, be your own boss, promote yourself based on steady determination and earn a six figure income helping people who really need help. How about adding that what you do for work has practically no competition and 70% or more of all property owners can use your services. Then for good measure, throw in the possibility of building a team to manage where you can earn substantial overrides for nurturing and guiding them to their own success.

Our work is recession proof and inflation proof and honestly, when economic times are tough, our business picks up. Regardless of economic conditions, people will always have property damage and insurance companies will always have money to pay out on claims. Who’s there to assure that the homeowner gets what they deserve.

The questions to ask are,

  • Do most people understand their homeowner’s policy?

  • Will people get the money they deserve from the insurance company for their damages?

  • Do policy holders know how to navigate through the complex systems the insurance companies have created?

  • Even if people know how to proceed, which almost no one does, can policy holders even identify an actual claim, much less prepare and submit a detailed estimate?

Almost always the answer to these questions is always “NO!”

That’s where you come in. In a few short weeks you can have a brand new career in a growing field that serves the public and can help you create the life you have always dreamed about. Here’s what you have to do to make it happen…

  1. Study for and pass the State Public Adjusters Exam

  2. Complete classroom (6 hours) and corporate training (8 hours)

  3. Go out in the field for training with an expert who will show you what to do

Once you complete these requirements, all you need is the willingness to make it happen and take the necessary actions to fulfill on your success.

You must feel comfortable communicating with new clients about how we can help them.

You must also be willing to put in the time necessary to build YOUR business and be persistent until you get the results you intend upon.

You MUST be coachable.

You must be willing to create a plan and fulfill upon it.

This is your springboard into the pool of prosperity and satisfaction in the career you never knew existed. Fill out the application and jump right in.

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